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Firewood in Swansea

The better the firewood the more heat it produces when it burns. Low quality firewood is harder to burn, produces less heat and is prone to spitting, which is potentially very dangerous.

Your firewood should always be seasoned. This means that it has been dried out and has a low moisture content. If firewood has a high moisture content then all the energy will go into evaporating the water, rather than producing heat for your home. All of our firewood in Swansea is seasoned and kiln dried, guaranteeing a moisture content of no more than 20%.

Hard or soft firewood?

Both hardwood and softwood can be burned in household fireplaces. Softwood tends to be cheaper as it burns much quicker and fiercer than hardwood. For a long lasting fire with burning coals you will need hardwood logs.
Seasoned softwood makes the best kindling as it is easier to light than hardwood and reaches a higher temperature quicker than hardwood.

Types of wood

We have a range of different firewood in Swansea available, mainly off cuts from our mill. All our firewood is excellent for household fireplaces. Our firewood is mainly made up of cedar and larch, which both burn very well. Cedar has a wonderful smell while it burns.

You can buy different sized loads of firewood from our mill in Carmarthernshire. To find out more visit our firewood page.

Waney-Edge Larch Wood Cladding

Waney-edge larch wood cladding is a popular choice of cladding. Waney-edge means that it has been cut straight from the tree and has either one or two edges with the bark still on. It creates a very traditional look and is very low maintenance. Waney-edge cladding has been used in the UK for many hundredsContinue Reading

The Benefits of Larch Wood Cladding

Using larch wood cladding is growing in popularity over a number of years. Larch wood cladding is used on many different projects, from barn conversions to new builds for both commercial and residential buildings. Larch wood has many desirable characteristics, here are just a few reasons why larch wood cladding is so popular: The colourContinue Reading