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How much firewood should I buy for a UK winter?

The weather has definitely turned and if you haven’t already started thinking about stocking up on firewood for winter, then you should now.

How much firewood should I buy for a winter in the UK is a question that we get asked regularly, but it isn’t particularly easy to answer, as there are so many variables.

Moisture content

Our firewood is kiln-dried, so you are guaranteed a low moisture content. This means you need to buy less wood. Kiln-dried firewood burns very efficiently, producing a lot of heat. If your wood has not been properly seasoned then you will need more of it to heat your home.

Your stove

There are many different stove designs and all of them vary in efficiency. Ideally you want maximum control of airflow so once your fire has been lit you can reduce the airflow to create a constant, steady heat that is burning the wood slowly.

Type of wood

Hard and soft woods burn very differently. Hard wood burns much more efficiently, so less is needed.

Your routine

Some people like to have the fire on all day during winter, in order to heat their home. Others will only use their fireplace once they get home from work, or just for special occasions.

Storage space

How much wood you buy will also be limited by your storage space. If you have plenty of space to store firewood correctly then it is worth buying more and letting it dry out even more for the following year. If you do not have the outdoor space to keep a lot of firewood dry then you will want to buy smaller loads more regularly.

If the UK winter is not particularly cold and you only use your wood burning stove for a few hours in the evenings, then you will only get through 1 – 2 of our jumbo bags of hardwood. If you run out, then we also sell small bags. If you have a fire lit for longer or use it for heating hot water as well, then you will need more.

How to store firewood

As long as you store your firewood correctly it will last for many years. We sell seasoned firewood in West Wales and Swansea, but if you are storing green wood, you will need to store it correctly for at least 6 months before you intend to burn it in order to get the moisture contentContinue Reading

The Environmental Benefits of Larch Wood Cladding

Larch wood makes a great cladding choice for many reasons – it is strong, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and requires little maintenance. However, larch wood cladding also has many environmental benefits. Sustainability Larch is a sustainable wood. Buying wood that has been sourced from well-managed woodlands is very important in order to prevent damage to theContinue Reading