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Maintaining Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles have proved their worth as a roofing material for many centuries. They are environmentally-friendly, have an almost zero carbon footprint in manufacture, have good thermal characteristics and look stylish. Cedar shingles also require very little maintenance and if looked after correctly they will have a very long lifespan.

Cedar shingles can be used without any treatment and often last longer and perform better left untreated. However, it does take someone with experience to design and lay a roof correctly with cedar shingles. A proper installation will ensure the longevity of a cedar roof.

Some things to consider with the installation of a cedar roof are including zinc or copper strips at the ridge cap to prevent the formation of moss. Moss can damage cedar shingles and processes to remove moss can also be damaging, so avoiding it altogether is best.

There must be adequate ventilation for cedar shingles and the design of the roof must include sufficient vents for year round airflow. These vents must be kept clear and never blocked off.

Water must be allowed to run off freely with a cedar roof and a good guttering system installed that needs to be kept clear.

Provided that the roof has been installed correctly you will be in a good chance of having it there for a life time. However, it is also important that you cut back any surrounding trees so you don’t get a build up of leaves or twigs on your roof, especially in Autumn, when there are a lot of leaves and it is generally very damp.

Unless you have a very specific reason to apply a topical treatment to your roof, it is advisable that you don’t do it. Many treatments will damage the wood, rather than protect it. If you do need to treat the cedar for some reason, then ensure you do some careful research before you go ahead. Only go with recommended products and companies. Cedar has natural oils that help to preserve it that will be damaged by many treatments.

Avoid pressure washing the roof wherever possible. It is much better to take preventative measures for moss and debris than it is to try and fix it. If you do need to have your roof cleaned, always go to an expert for advice.

Otherwise, one of the great things about having a cedar roof is that if any of the shingles get damaged or come to the end of their natural life then you can simply replace them. You don’t have to worry about matching colours, or ensuring that the composition is the same for new shingles, as cedar is cedar and any new shingles will soon weather to match the rest of your roof.

Cedar shingles are the perfect roofing choice for anyone who wants an economical and low maintenance roof.

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