3 Products We Deliver At The Old Mill Wood Yard

frake-plato-wood-cladding-building-800x290Here at the Old Mill Wood Yard, we aim to please our customers and clients and give them the service they want and expect.

We were originally flooring specialists, and have been laying solid oak flooring for the past ten years, so we have a fantastic understanding and knowledge of how wood works.

Sourcing our timber from a nearby forest, there is so much we can do with the wood that we retrieve – it really is incredible.

It’s not only our products that we want to be top of the range, it’s our customer service as well.

Providing you with as much help, advice and support as you could possibly need, we want you to feel certain that the products you buy from us are as perfectly suited to your needs as they can be

We are well known for providing South Wales firewood, but we also offer a range of other products.

Skirtings and mouldings

The oak we use for our timber is manufactured using our very own machinery and sawmill; this ensures that quality and dimensions are consistent.

Whether you are looking for mouldings, skirtings or even dado rails, we can provide what you need to the exact specifications you require – we love to work with wood, so no matter how intricate you want your work doing, we will do it, no problem.


Waney-edge cladding is one of the most popular forms of the cladding we carry out.  Created by overlapping boards cut straight from the tree; the waney edge is the one with the bark on, which gives a very authentic feel to it.

Waney-edge boards are supplied green (wet) with a sawn finish, cut from logs harvested in well-managed native woodlands.

This cladding will last you a life time.

Log cabins

Whether you are developing a holiday park, a mobile log cabin or simply replacing an old log cabin we can give you informed support and advice throughout the entire project to ensure a quality authentic finish to your cabin.

With our bespoke log cabins, as well as designing and building them, we can give you support with everything from assistance with planning, grant applications, design and specifications.

We also have a commitment to being eco-friendly, with our designs incorporating the latest technologies, photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvesting and fully integrated insulation.

For anything else you want or need to know, then do not hesitate in contacting us here.

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