3 Reasons We Are The Firewood Team In South Wales You Are Looking For

woodWe know that when you are looking for a service, whatever it may be, there could be a wide variety of choice for you, especially when it comes to finding a reputable company to buy your firewood in South Wales.

Wherever you are located in the country or the UK, it probably won’t take you too long to locate a firewood company that could fulfill all the requirements you have.

Here at the Old Mill Wood Yard, we don’t just provide firewood, we also have expertise in decking, cladding and log cabins.  Our sawmill’s supply a wide range of products such as fencing, sawn timber, garden furniture, timber buildings and cladding supplied to both trade and the general public.

What you need to do whenever you require the services of any company, no matter what it is, you need to be sure they will give you exactly what it is you have asked for and what you need.

We can give you three simple reasons why the Old Mill Wood Yard can be the team you are looking for when it comes to any of the services we provide, and we’re confident we’ll be able to deliver to your requirements perfectly.

1.  Experience

Our family has been involved in the sawmill and firewood industry for the past 40 years and in that time we have worked with a wide variety of people and customers, and each one has brought us a different challenge, which we have been happy to meet.

With our existing knowledge constantly growing, we firmly believe that our experience in firewood in South Wales is the best you will find, and we can guarantee our customers that they will get the service they expect and require.

2.  Knowledge

With our experience levels being so vast, it means our knowledge base is constantly growing, and with this we are confident we will be able to solve any of your problems, no matter how awkward they may seem to you.

For us, the knowledge we have is actually one of our most favourable traits – we love knowing that whatever our customers ask us – or ask of us – we’ll be able to provide them with the answer or solution they need.

3.  Respect

We couldn’t be more proud of the reputation we have gained over the years, it really does make us happy.  But when we talk about respect, we want to talk about the respect we have for you – our customers.

We completely understand that customers are different to one another and they don’t all want the same product or service.  So we don’t presume to know what they want – we give them EXACTLY what they ask for, that way they will not be surprised with the outcome they receive.

Remember us – the Old Mill Wood Yard – when you need firewood in South Wales.

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