The benefits of cedar shingles

There are lots of roofing options available. What you choose will greatly affect the overall appearance and style of your project. At Old Mill Wood Yard in West Wales we produce high quality cedar shingles and they are growing in popularity as a roofing choice.

Cedar shingles come with many benefits and can make the perfect choice for almost any project. Firstly, they are environmentally-friendly. Cedar is a renewable resource, so does not use up any of the world’s precious resources. All our timber is ethically-sourced from well-managed woodlands. No unpleasant chemicals are needed in the manufacture process and the process is simple, so uses minimum energy. After many years, once the shingles have fulfilled their life-span, they will decompose naturally, so will not end up clogging up landfills and adding unnatural chemicals into the ground.

Once installed, cedar shingles provide excellent thermal efficiency, meaning that the building will require less heating than with many other roofing options. This will keep bills down and keep the building environmentally friendly. Cedar shingles have a natural resistance to the elements, so will protect your building from everything that the weather has to throw at it.

Cedar shingles are a very stylish roofing choice. They can be used for both modern and traditional projects. The natural look of the cedar helps buildings to blend into their environment, while still creating a striking finish. The natural colours and weathering gives buildings a real character.

Cedar shingles are very easy to install, which will cut the cost of the project and speed up the installation time. They are also easy and simple to maintain.

Cedar shingles have a life span of at least 50 – 60 years, provided that they are properly maintained. Depending on your location and how well you look after your roof, you could expect the tiles to last much longer. They have proven durability in many different environments and the natural features of the wood will ensure they keep your building safe for many years.

Cedar shingles come with many benefits and should be strongly considered for the roofing choice of any environmentally-friendly project. To find out more contact Old Mill Wood Yard.

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