Why Use Kiln Dried Timber

Whether you need timber cladding, firewood,  cedar shingles, or other timber product, some woods need to be properly seasoned before they can be used. Usually wood is considered to be seasoned if it has a moisture content of below 20%. When wood loses its moisture it will shrink and change colour. If it loses moisture tooContinue Reading

Avoiding common problems with larch wood cladding

In recent years timber cladding has grown in popularity for all sorts of different projects. Commercial, schools, healthcare and residential builds are being finished with timber. It is used for both new builds and refurbishments. There are many reasons why larch wood cladding is now so popular with designers and architects. It is low maintenance,Continue Reading

The benefits of cedar shingles

There are lots of roofing options available. What you choose will greatly affect the overall appearance and style of your project. At Old Mill Wood Yard in West Wales we produce high quality cedar shingles and they are growing in popularity as a roofing choice. Cedar shingles come with many benefits and can make theContinue Reading

How to chop firewood

At Old Mill Wood Yard we sell high quality, seasoned firewood throughout West Wales, Carmarthenshire and Swansea. It is already chopped into sizeable pieces to fit into your wood burner or open fire. However, if you wish to chop your own firewood then it is important that you know what to do in order toContinue Reading

Top reasons to invest in a wood burner

Nothing can be cosier on a cold winter night then lighting the wood burner and snuggling up on the sofa. But wood burners are useful for more than just creating a good ambience. There are many advantages to having a wood burner in your home here are just a few of the top reasons toContinue Reading

Use larch wood cladding for a sustainable option

Sustainability is now a big thing in the construction industry. As global warming becomes more evident and the world’s natural resources are starting to run low, environmentally friendly materials are in demand. The focus for many projects now is not only the architecture, but also the sustainability. Whether the build is private, commercial, residential orContinue Reading

Why choose logs for your open fire?

Many homes in the UK have a functioning open fire, that not only acts as a way to heat the home, but also makes a great central feature. Traditionally both coal and firewood are used on an open fire, but there are many reasons why only firewood should be used. Coal is a fossil fuel,Continue Reading

Fire Safety

There is nothing better than spending a winter evening sitting round a real fire. Many households in the UK have a log burner or open fire. It is a wonderful feature in the home, but there are also inherent risks that come with having a fire lit in the home. Here are some tips onContinue Reading

Cladding laying options

If you have decided on wood cladding as the finish for the exterior of your property then you need to decide how your cladding will be laid. Cladding is suitable for a variety of different styles, from modern to rustic. How the cladding is laid will determine the overall look and feel of the property.Continue Reading

How much firewood should I buy for a UK winter?

The weather has definitely turned and if you haven’t already started thinking about stocking up on firewood for winter, then you should now. How much firewood should I buy for a winter in the UK is a question that we get asked regularly, but it isn’t particularly easy to answer, as there are so manyContinue Reading