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2 New Products We Deliver Here At The Old Mill Wood Yard

You may have read our two previous blog posts on the products we deliver for you here at the Old Mill Wood Yard, and, fingers crossed, they may have led to you bringing your custom to us.

From log cabins and cladding to skirtings and deckings, there are many things involving timber that we can provide for you and your needs.Continue Reading

The Benefits Of Sustainable Timber

Timber is one of the most popular building materials in the home and for good reason – it’s strong, durable and attractive. However, timber can also pose an environmental liability if it is taken from the wrong source.  Ensure that you are not harming the environment by only using timber from sustainable sources. Read onContinue ReadingContinue Reading

3 Ways To Stay Ahead Of Any Firewood Competitors

When it comes to being a successful firewood company in the south of Wales, we are the team you should be looking for.  We know we have a lot of competition, but we rise to every challenge we receive and we keep coming out on top. This is due to many different reasons, which includeContinue ReadingContinue Reading

2 (More!) Products We Can Deliver At The Old Mill Wood Yard

One of our previous blog posts was aimed at showing you, our customers, which products and services we can deliver for you. This blog post is to inform you of two more products and services we can bring to your life. As you know, our family has been involved in working with wood since theContinue ReadingContinue Reading

3 Reasons We Are The Firewood Team In South Wales You Are Looking For

We know that when you are looking for a service, whatever it may be, there could be a wide variety of choice for you, especially when it comes to finding a reputable company to buy your firewood in South Wales. Wherever you are located in the country or the UK, it probably won’t take youContinue ReadingContinue Reading

3 Products We Deliver At The Old Mill Wood Yard

Here at the Old Mill Wood Yard, we aim to please our customers and clients and give them the service they want and expect. We were originally flooring specialists, and have been laying solid oak flooring for the past ten years, so we have a fantastic understanding and knowledge of how wood works. Sourcing ourContinue ReadingContinue Reading