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When should you use waney edge cladding?

Waney-edge cladding is a very distinctive type of cladding that is perfect for many types of project.

The waney-edge cladding is cladding that still has the bark on the exposed edge of the board, creating a natural and rustic feel. As the bark is visible the boards can not be cut completely uniformly and there will be natural undulations along the waney edge.

Waney-edge cladding is suitable for new construction projects and for changing the appearance of existing properties, both domestic, public and commercial.

The types of domestic projects that favour waney-edge cladding are barn conversions, holiday cottages and modern rural properties to make them blend into the environment. Waney-edge cladding comes with many advantages for domestic properties, such as being low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.

Public properties that use waney-edge cladding can include schools, libraries and educational centres. Often waney-edge cladding is used in rural locations and helps buildings to match their surroundings. Waney-edge cladding is used as an environmentally friendly cladding option for many public properties, due to the ethical sources, insulation properties and a short manufacture process. Waney-edge cladding can stand up to areas of high footfall as well and does not get damaged easily, perfect for public places.

Many showroom owners like to clad their show rooms using waney-edge cladding. The beautiful appearance of the cladding sets the perfect back drop to display products to potential customers. Waney-edge cladding can look good on glass-fronted buildings that are perfect for the commercial sector. Waney-edge cladding is relatively cheap to purchase and install but can make a real impression on customers that visit your showroom.

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