IMG_1567 Larch and Cedar Timber cladding

A selected grade of Welsh Larch & Cedar which is locally-sourced, sustainable and naturally durable. Our timber is locally sourced which provides a durable, natural and cost-effective cladding solution. As the construction sector becomes increasingly focused on combining energy efficiency and sustainability with the need to cut costs, Welsh timber is the choice for all project types.

Waney edge is the first cut off the log with natural bark edge, prices from £8.00 per m2.

Straight cut sawn cladding is for the sharper look either over lapped or vertical installation, prices from £10 m2.

Machined cladding / Moulded

T&G+v  / Shiplap / Feather edge, or we can mould to your requirement, prices from £16.00 per m2.

waney edge cladding