The Environmental Benefits of Larch Wood Cladding

Larch wood makes a great cladding choice for many reasons – it is strong, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and requires little maintenance. However, larch wood cladding also has many environmental benefits.


Larch is a sustainable wood. Buying wood that has been sourced from well-managed woodlands is very important in order to prevent damage to the environment caused by illegal logging. As it is a natural material the production process is very short, so there is no excess energy consumption, or CO2 emissions involved in producing it.

Low maintenance

Unlike other types of wood popular for cladding, larch requires little to no maintenance. This means that it is perfect for eco-build projects as chemicals used to increase the lifespan of other woods can be harmful to the environment.

Larch is naturally resistant to moisture, insects and rot, meaning no further treatments are needed that can be harmful or use excess energy.

Long life span

Our larch wood cladding comes with a minimum life guarantee of 25 years, but larch will often last much longer, depending on the conditions. This means that no excess energy is used in regularly replacing your cladding.


Larch wood cladding is naturally water resistant has good thermal characteristics, so it is a sound choice for protecting your home and minimising fuel bills.

We supply larch wood cladding across the UK. It is all cut at our mill in South Wales. Get in touch to find out more about our services.

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