Save money this winter with good quality firewood

As prices for oil, gas and electric keep rising and many people are struggling to heat their homes the price of good quality firewood remains steady.

Having a fireplace in your home is a real advantage during the winter months. It provides essential warmth and a cosy atmosphere as well as being a centre-piece for your home. Good quality firewood will save you money from your fuel bills and make your fireplace much safer for your family.

Firewood in West Wales

Old Mill Wood Yard supplies firewood across West Wales, Swansea and Carmarthenshire. The firewood is cut at our mill and dried to a maximum of 20% moisture content.

The wood you choose for your fireplace greatly affects how quickly it burns, how much heat you get and the likelihood of the wood spitting and sparking, which is a potential fire hazard. Some woods are also popular for firewood due to having wonderful smells as they burn.

Hard wood burns much slower and sends out more heat for longer than soft wood. Hard wood burns down into glowing coals that will provide plenty of heat for your home. Soft wood, which is much less dense than hard wood, will burn quicker and hotter.

Hard wood is more expensive than soft wood. We sell both hard wood and soft wood, or mixed bags of firewood in West Wales. If you return home from work late and only need the fire going for a couple of hours to heat your home during the evening then soft wood will be perfect, but to heat your home for longer periods hard wood is preferable.

All our firewood is carefully chosen for its properties, so you know you are getting the maximum heat for your money. A good fireplace and hot fire means you don’t have to spend nearly so much on your other heating sources, saving you money on the ever-increasing fuel bills.

Give us a call to arrange firewood delivery across West Wales, Carmarthenshire and Swansea.

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