How to store firewood

firewoodAs long as you store your firewood correctly it will last for many years. We sell seasoned firewood in West Wales and Swansea, but if you are storing green wood, you will need to store it correctly for at least 6 months before you intend to burn it in order to get the moisture content of the wood to below 20%.

Firewood needs to be stored a little distance from the house, as a log pile is an irresistible home for insects and sometimes small rodents. About 30ft away is ideal, if you have the space. To save going out in the dark on a cold winter evening to fetch more wood in you can always have a small pile just by the door that you replenish during the day.

Firewood should be raised off the ground, to prevent damp and allow air to circulate. Pallets are the ideal way to keep firewood off wet ground and can be obtained for free.

In West Wales you should most definitely cover the top of your firewood store. If you have the space for a more permanent construction, then you can use wood or metal or plastic roofing sheets, otherwise a plastic tarp will be a sufficient cover. If you don’t cover your firewood then rain and snow will cause it get damp, making it burn inefficiently. This will lead to a waste of money and a cold house. However, the sides of your log pile should be left open in order to allow the air to circulate. This will prevent the wood rotting and help to dry it out further.

Stacking wood neatly but loosely will help with air circulation and make it easy to collect and to judge how fast you are getting down your pile.

When you have your firewood delivered it is well worth spending a morning stacking it correctly in order to make sure it lasts.

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