Top reasons to invest in a wood burner

Nothing can be cosier on a cold winter night then lighting the wood burner and snuggling up on the sofa. But wood burners are useful for more than just creating a good ambience. There are many advantages to having a wood burner in your home here are just a few of the top reasons to invest in a wood burner.

Heat the room

Wood burners are very efficient and produce a lot of heat in a room. It is not long from lighting the wood burner until you have a nice warm room.

Heat the home

If you have a smaller property then you could install a back boiler and use your one wood burner to heat your entire home and even supply your hot water. This won’t be suitable for every home, but it will work for some.

Complete control

A wood burner provides you with complete control about how quickly the firewood is used. This means that you will burn through your firewood slowly and only produce the heat that you need.

Cost effective

Due to the control you have with a wood burner they work out as being very cost effective. You won’t get through much firewood as it burns slowly and efficiently.

Environmentally friendly

There is no way to heat your home without releasing some greenhouse gases. However, when you burn wood you are releasing carbon that was absorbed by the tree into the environment, therefore it was already circulating. Burning coal, oil or gas is releasing carbon that was otherwise stored away in the Earth and not meant to be released, dramatically affecting the balance of carbon in the atmosphere.

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