Traditional Building Materials For A Modern Project

In recent decades a modern building project would have meant finding the most cutting edge materials and design and creating a brash, bold statement. However, fortunately things have calmed down recently and a modern building project incorporates many more factors.

Awareness of the environment and how your project will affect the environment is one of the main driving forces for a modern project. Along with that many modern architects and designers like to ensure that the building reflects its location and environment. The energy performance of a building along with ease of maintenance are also important factors and can greatly influence the value of a completed project.

Because of this, many traditional building materials are making a huge comeback, due to their environmental benefits, performance and local sourcing. Traditional materials, especially timber, can be adapted to suit all types of project and provide the perfect finish to a stylish and modern project.

Traditional building materials have stood the test of time and perform as well as, if not better than many man made materials in terms of insulation, life span and maintenance. It is no wonder that so many designers, architects and project managers are keen to include them in their modern projects.

Larch wood cladding and cedar shingles are two popular choices for traditional materials to be used on a modern project. The versatility of these materials means that they can be cut and layed to suit all types of building. For a traditional look the natural curves and colours can be left, or for a sharp and modern look they can be cut straight and treated for a uniform colour.

Using larch and cedar offers exceptional environmental benefits, as they can be sourced locally, have an almost zero carbon footprint in production, encourage well-managed woodlands and when their lifespan is up they natural decompose and return the carbon to the soil, instead of filling land fills with unnatural materials.

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