Use Cedar Shingles To Top Your Eco-Build

With new builds and renovations environmental factors are becoming more and more important. There are many things that you can do to ensure that your project is environmentally friendly. Choosing the correct insulation, installing double glazing and maximising heat and light from sunlight are all common eco choices.

However, choosing the correct materials with which to build your house is also essential in ensuring that your project has a limited effect on the environment. Materials should be sustainable, local and have a low-carbon manufacture process.

Traditional building materials are making a big comeback as designers, architects and home owners are seeing the benefits of improved aesthetics and performance, as well as the environmental benefits of such materials.

Choosing the correct roofing material is vital for an environmentally-friendly project. At Old Mill Wood Yard in West Wales, we are seeing an increased demand in cedar shingles for many different types of project.

Cedar shingles make the perfect roofing choice for a number of reasons. They can be sourced locally, they are sustainable and have good insulation qualities. Not only that, but cedar shingles also provide wonderful aesthetics for both traditional and modern projects.

Sourcing cedar shingles from a sustainable a well-managed woodland means that no damage is done to the environment in harvesting the cedar. Woodlands not only absorb carbon, but they also provide diverse and unique eco-sytems.

Manufacturing cedar shingles does very little environmental damage, especially compared to other roofing materials. Manufacturing cedar shingles is virtually pollution free. Often it is the manufacture process that uses a lot of energy and harmful products and creates excess waste.

Cedar shingles are produced in the UK, meaning very little carbon footprint in sourcing them. If materials come from abroad they leave a large carbon footprint in transit.

However, the benefits of cedar shingles do not stop with the manufacture. Cedar shingles have a long life span and offer excellent insulation properties, making them perfect for an environmentally friendly project. Cedar shingles have been used for many years and have proven their worth in that time.

Once installed, cedar shingles look perfect for many types of project. They have a rich colour and a certain uniqueness that lends character to a build.

For all these reasons, cedar shingles are perfect to top an eco-build.

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