Use Larch Wood Cladding to Add Value to your Country Home

First impressions count and this is especially true with property. There are many factors that affect the value of a property, but the exterior aesthetics greatly influence the perceived value.

Many modern homes are finished in bare brick or plain render. Although this looks acceptable in many town centres, brick and rendered properties can look out of place in rural locations. They are often at odds with the natural landscape that surrounds them. Many home owners choose to add value to their country properties by cladding the exterior of the property.

Larch Wood Cladding

Larch wood cladding has been a popular cladding choice in the UK for hundreds of years. This timelessness makes it an excellent investment for your home as it will not go out of fashion any time soon. The traditional element of larch wood cladding helps to root your home in its surroundings.

The deep orange-brown wood weathers to a beautiful silver-grey over time creating the perfect aesthetics for a country home. Larch wood cladding can be finished in a variety of different ways depending on personal preferences. Waney-edge larch wood cladding is the most rustic of finishes, as the visible edge of each board still has the bark. Otherwise boards can be cut straight for a more uniform finish and cladding can be vertical or horizontal.

Larch wood cladding for the exterior of your home is not only an excellent investment because of the aesthetics, but also because of the ongoing maintenance. Due to the properties of the wood the maintenance required is zero. Some choose to paint the cladding black, which will require a fresh coat every now and again, but otherwise larch wood cladding can be left untreated to dry naturally. Larch wood cladding is often used for public buildings, this is because it is tough enough to withstand knocks and scrapes in areas of high footfall.

Larch wood cladding is practical too, as it will protect your home from everything the UK weather has to throw at it.

Cladding your country property in larch wood will add value to your home by making it look good and ensuring it is easy to maintain. Larch wood cladding is relatively cheap to buy and install and although we sell larch wood cladding that is guaranteed to last for 25 years you can expect its life expectancy to be much longer.

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