Use larch wood cladding for a sustainable option

Sustainability is now a big thing in the construction industry. As global warming becomes more evident and the world’s natural resources are starting to run low, environmentally friendly materials are in demand.

The focus for many projects now is not only the architecture, but also the sustainability. Whether the build is private, commercial, residential or public. Knowing that the new building, or renovated old building, has done minimal damage to the environment makes it a success.

For centuries people built houses out of locally sourced materials and managed to build in a way that did minimal environmental damage. It is only in recent years as concrete and steel have taken over that building work has done dramatic damage, in both releasing greenhouse gases and using up natural resources.

But now the tide is turning and the focus is again on how to create a modern building, with all the modern benefits, but with sustainable materials.

Using locally sourced and cut larch wood is one of the best cladding options for a sustainable project. If your larch wood is from well-managed woodland – as ours is – then using it benefits the environment. Trees absorb much of the excess carbon in the atmosphere and growing them sustainably encourages more trees to be planted.

Not only that, but using local larch wood means that the materials do not have to travel far and you can be sure of the origin of the building materials.

A well-managed woodland ensures that trees are continually being replaced and there is a balance between old and young trees, creating a diverse environment for other flora and fauna. Larch wood cladding is a truly sustainable material.

Larch wood also requires no treatment before being used on a building, so you are not using any harmful chemicals.

If you are looking to undertake a sustainable project, then you should consider using larch wood cladding.

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